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Register your business and apply for a financing line.

2. Choose payment terms

Upload the invoice and choose the extender payment terms - up to 4 months.

3. We pay your supplier

We contact your supplier and pay 100% of your supplier invoice - immediately.

4. You pay us later

You repay us according to the agreed payment schedule.

Transparent Pricing for your revolving "Buy Now, Pay Later" Limit

Use your cash discount

Invoice amount:


Your discount conditions:

2% cash discount

Remaining invoice amount:


Your cash discount income:


Choose a payment term extension by

60 days

for only Remaining cash discount * effectively
singular payment
Financing costs
514,50€ / 525,00€**
dependent on cash discount usage

90 days

for only Remaining cash discount 361,50€ * effectively
singular payment
Financing costs
661,50€ / 675,00€**
dependent on cash discount usage

120 days

for only Remaining cash discount 508,50€ * effectively
payment in 3 monthly installments
Financing costs
808,50€ / 825,00€**
dependent on cash discount usage

* total financing costs on the discount-reduced invoice amount less the cash discount income
** total financing costs on the (discount-reduced / original) invoice amount.

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vvWhat is quickpaid?What is quickpaid?

With quickpaid, you can finance all invoices for goods and services that you as a company or craftsman, self-employed person or freelancer purchase as part of your business operations.

The invoice must meet the following requirements:

  • invoiced in EUR, CHF, USD (only one currency per account possible).
  • supplier’s headquarter is located within the EU, Switzerland, Great Britain, Norway, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada.
  • fulfillment of all criteria of proper bookkeeping.
  • service rendered in full.
  • at least 8 days until the due date. If the payment term of the invoice is “payable immediately”, the invoice can be uploaded up to 7 days after invoicing.
  • The period from invoicing to the selected payment deadline may not exceed 150 days.
  • the gross invoice amount can fully utilize the free financing limit,
  • the invoice may not be assigned within the scope of factoring.
  • only invoices to traders (B2B) can be financed.

The following invoices cannot be financed:

  • invoices that are already overdue.
  • prepayment, pro forma, commission or brokerage invoices.
  • payments to – and partial payments as well as set-offs.
  • invoices resulting from business relationships of affiliated or otherwise interlinked companies.
  • invoices that have been changed subsequently.
  • invoices for the supply of weapons, drugs, ammunition, animals, live specimens or other goods requiring ownership documents.

You will also find all information on the invoice requirements in the General quickpaid Terms and Conditions under clause 4.

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