quickpaid TRADE – the No. 1 choice to push your clients EXIM business!

Global trade is growing. But there is a huge disconnect between trade volumes and access to funding for Asian SMEs. With quickpaid TRADE this can easily be overcome!

We connect Asian export factors and European importers with a new and innovative trade financing model. With quickpaid TRADE you profit from lower European funding costs and credit cover for European receivables.


Why quickpaid TRADE?

So far Asian Non-bank financial institutions have only limited access to Export financing solutions in Europe (costly and complicated structures).

quickpaid TRADE overcomes this bottleneck and grants funding and credit coverage to Asian NBFIs.

  • Funding is provided by making use of European refinancing facilities
  • Risk protection is granted through the access to European reinsurance companies
  • European market knowledge is provided

With quickpaid TRADE there are no more limits for your clients´ EXIM business with Europe.

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How does quickpaid TRADE work?


This model shows the Business Flow between

  • the Exporter and the Export Factor in Asia on the right side
  • and the Importer and A.B.S. offering quickpaid TRADE in Europe on the left side.

By using simple, fast and digital processes quickpaid TRADE combines export and import receivables financing to offer a full-service financing solution for the Asian EXIM business.

Each party is focusing on its own strengths and tasks. This allocation makes the model attractive to every party involved.

With quickpaid TRADE Export Factors and their clients from emerging markets in Asia can safely connect with customers in Europe.


quickpaid TRADE: benefits in all directions!

Advantages for Exporters:

  • Increase sales potential by targeting European markets
  • Alternative and innovative approach (in comparison to Letter of Credit for example)
  • Reliable partner with proximity to European clients
  • Protection of default
  • European cost of funding and credit coverage

Advantages for Export Factors:

  • Import opportunities to offer Open Account cross-border solution to exporter at lower funding cost compared to local funding
  • Business expansion without need for funding  alternative to bank financing
  • No costly membership or entrance fees
  • Credit Cover with access to several European reinsurances
  • Optimization of risk diversification
  • Clear legal documenation
  • European market knowledge
  • Facilitation of processes for own clients, thus strengthening client relationships

Task allocation within quickpaid TRADE


1. Client acquisition and shipment of goods
2. Profits from immediate payment & default protection
3. Outsourcing of collection services

Export Factor

1. Supplier onboarding & KYC
2. Ensures existence and origin of receivables
3. Access to European Funding & risk protection

quickpaid TRADE

1. Geographical & cultural proximity within Europe
2. Requests the confirmation of the debt
3. Direct provision of funding & credit coverage


1. Easy and digital confirmation process
2. Pays the open obligation to quickpaid TRADE
3. Successful payment processing

Full transparency: The cost structure of quickpaid TRADE

The costs for quickpaid TRADE are simple and transparent.

  • Factoring fee rate: The factoring fee is calculated on the gross receivables amount and depends on applicable payment terms ( up to 90 days)
  • Interest rate: The interest rate is calculated on the open amount (daily calculation) and depends on the applicable currency

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A.B.S. Global Factoring AG - your partner for more than 25 years!

quickpaid TRADE is offered by A.B.S. Global Factoring AG, the largest bank-independent factoring provider in Germany. On the basis of our many years of experience and competence in corporate financing, we ensure the liquidity of our customers – for your corporate growth! In Europe and worldwide.