What is quickpaid?

quickpaid is the online-platform for financing your purchases of goods and services.
Easy, flexible and digital, we empower your business for better growth and provide liquidity whenever you need it.

Many small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) as well as craft businesses, retailers, the self-employed, freelancers, pharmacies and doctors need reliable access to finance.

Never miss a competitive advantage again! Always buy your goods or services in the B2B business with quickpaid at the best time and take advantage of valuable discount conditions.

All you have to do is register online – no paperwork needed. Then, you can always upload your invoices exactly then, when you need financing. You can extend your payment terms individually and select repayments of 60, 90 or 120 days.

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As a supplier you can also benefit from numerous quickpaid advantages!

You have been contacted by quickpaid to assign an invoice and would like to know why quickpaid is also worthwhile for you as a supplier?

quickpaid is an effective sales instrument and an alternative payment option to prepayment.

quickpaid advantages for suppliers are:

– immediate liquidity for your goods and services
– reduction of your receivables
– 100% failure protection guarantee
– increase in turnover
– cost reduction by waiving creditworthiness checks and dunning procedures
– time savings
– strengthening your customer loyalty
– optimization of your balance sheet structure


4 easy steps to boost your liquidity

1. register and upload invoice

After registering your company on quickpaid.com you receive your individual financing framework within which you can upload any number of purchase invoices for goods via PDF or photo.

2. choose payment term

You can determine the payment period for the repayment to A.B.S. Global Factoring yourself. Up to 120 days are possible.

3. payment of the invoice

We contact your supplier and offer him immediate invoice payment and administrative processing. Possible discounts belong to you and reduce the financing fee.

4. repayment after up to 120 days

At the end of your chosen payment term, you will repay the pre-financed invoice amount plus the financing fee to A.B.S. Global Factoring.

How quickpaid works

How about the costs?

The costs for quickpaid are simple and transparent. The financing fee is displayed directly when you select the desired payment term. Compare for yourself where else you can increase your liquidity so quickly, precisely and cheaply – like here with quickpaid!

With quickpaid you become an instant payer and at the same time secure valuable cash discounts. Cash discounts lower your purchasing costs and of course your financing costs! The only requirement for this is that you can upload your invoice quickly and pay it within the discount period.

Heben Sie Ihr Skonto-Potenzial

Ihr Rechnungsbetrag:


Ihre Skonto-Konditionen:

2% Skonto

Verbleibender Finanzierungsbetrag:


Ihr Skonto-Potenzial:


Wählen Sie ein Zahlungsziel von

60 Tagen

nur 214,50€ effektiv*
Einmalige Zahlung
514,50€ / 525,00€
abh. von Skonto-Nutzung
Unsere Empfehlung

90 Tagen

nur 361,50€ effektiv*
Einmalige Zahlung
661,50€ / 675,00€
abh. von Skonto-Nutzung

120 Tagen

nur 508,50€ effektiv*
Zahlung in 3 Monatsraten
808,50€ / 825,00€
abh. von Skonto-Nutzung

* Errechnet sich aus der Finanzierungsgebühr auf den skonto-reduzierten Rechnungsbetrag abzüglich des Skontoerlöses

Prerequisites for quickpaid financing

With quickpaid, you can finance all invoices for goods and services that you as a company or craftsman, self-employed person or freelancer purchase as part of your business operations.

The invoice must meet the following requirements:

  • invoiced in EURO or CHF.
  • supplier’s headquarter is located within the EU, Switzerland, Great Britain or Norway.
  • fulfillment of all criteria of proper bookkeeping.
  • service rendered in full.
  • at least 8 days until the due date. If the payment term of the invoice is “payable immediately”, the invoice can be uploaded up to 7 days after invoicing.
  • the gross invoice amount can fully utilize the free financing limit, up to a maximum of EUR 30,000.
  • the invoice may not be assigned within the scope of factoring.
  • only invoices to traders (B2B) can be financed.

The following invoices cannot be financed:

  • invoices that are already overdue.
  • prepayment, pro forma, commission or brokerage invoices.
  • payments to – and partial payments as well as set-offs.
  • invoices resulting from business relationships of affiliated or otherwise interlinked companies.
  • invoices that have been changed subsequently.
  • invoices for the supply of weapons, drugs, ammunition, animals, live specimens or other goods requiring ownership documents.

You will also find all information on the invoice requirements in the General quickpaid Terms and Conditions under clause 4.


On the market for over 20 years

quickpaid is offered by A.B.S. Global Factoring AG, the largest bank-independent factoring provider in Germany. On the basis of our many years of experience and competence in corporate financing, we ensure the liquidity of our customers – for your corporate growth!

quickpaid also helps to boost your growth!

One thing is clear: no growth without goods! To help you decide better whether quickpaid will also provide more liquidity in your company, we have put together some practical application examples.


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quickpaid – the fast purchase financing!

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