What is quickpaid?

“quickpaid” is providing working capital to SMEs / buyers – whenever financing is needed. With quickpaid you can boost your purchasing power and extend the payment terms on your supplier invoices for 60, 90 or 120 days. Simple, fast and digital – without the need of any additional collateral or guarantees. So why not always buy goods or services at the most favorable time and take advantage of valuable cash discount conditions?

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NEW: Buy Now, Pay Later Solutions for B2B ENTERPRISES

“quickpaid ENTERPRISE” is focused towards helping B2B businesses in boosting sales and increasing revenue. We are empowering the sales playbook of enterprises by giving them BNPL tools to win new customers, boost the average order value and avoid missed sales opportunities. So why not offer flexible payment terms of up to 4 months to your customers and receive immediate payment yourself- full risk coverage included?

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4 easy steps to boost your liquidity

1. register and upload invoice

After registering your company on quickpaid.com you receive your individual financing framework within which you can upload any number of purchase invoices for goods via PDF or photo.

2. choose payment term

You can determine the payment period for the repayment to A.B.S. Global Factoring yourself. Up to 120 days are possible.

3. payment of the invoice

We contact your supplier and offer him immediate invoice payment and administrative processing. Possible discounts belong to you and reduce the financing costs.

4. repayment after up to 120 days

At the end of your chosen payment term, you will repay the pre-financed invoice amount plus the financing fee to A.B.S. Global Factoring.

How about the costs?

The costs for quickpaid are simple and transparent. The financing fee is displayed directly when you select the desired payment term. Compare for yourself where else you can increase your liquidity so quickly, precisely and cheaply – like here with quickpaid!

With quickpaid you become an instant payer and at the same time secure valuable cash discounts. Cash discounts lower your purchasing costs and of course your financing costs! The only requirement for this is that you can upload your invoice quickly and pay it within the discount period.

Use your cash discount

Invoice amount:


Your discount conditions:

2% cash discount

Remaining invoice amount:


Your cash discount income:


Choose a payment term extension by

60 days

for only Remaining cash discount * effectively
singular payment
Financing costs
514,50€ / 525,00€**
dependent on cash discount usage

90 days

for only Remaining cash discount 361,50€ * effectively
singular payment
Financing costs
661,50€ / 675,00€**
dependent on cash discount usage

120 days

for only Remaining cash discount 508,50€ * effectively
payment in 3 monthly installments
Financing costs
808,50€ / 825,00€**
dependent on cash discount usage

* total financing costs on the discount-reduced invoice amount less the cash discount income
** total financing costs on the (discount-reduced / original) invoice amount.