Purchase financing for buyers & SMEs

Take control of your cashflow, pay the supplier invoice on your terms

Let us pay your suppliers worldwide – while you have the flexibility
to extend the payment terms up to 60, 90 or 120 days.

Free up working capital

Buy now, pay up to 4 months later

Get instant working capital by extending your supplier invoice payment terms. We pay your supplier, you pay us up to 120 days later.

Boost your inventory

Increase your purchasing power

You no longer need to wait for income to buy more goods. Stock up your inventory without blocking capital.

Ensure your shelves are never empty!

How it works

Easy to start - Easy to use

 1. Create an account

Register your business and apply for a financing line.

2. Choose payment terms

Upload the invoice and choose payment terms - up to 4 months.

3. We pay your supplier

We pay your supplier and you pay us later.
Transparent pricing

Get an instant financing line, pay only when you use it

Setting up an account and obtaining a limit from quickpaid is free of charge. We apply a transparent financing fee only for the limit used. 

The total repayment cost to quickpaid will always be clearly presented in the portal prior to order confirmation. 

Get supplier discounts

Secure early payment discounts from your suppliers

quickpaid will instantly pay your suppliers, so that you can get the best early payment discounts from suppliers. All discounts are fully passed on to you, increasing your profitability.


Got any questions? we’re here to help

What is quickpaid?

quickpaid is a purchase financing solution. With quickpaid, you don’t need to worry about cash flow constraints due to purchasing of new goods or services.

Use quickpaid on your terms – whenever you need financing. We pay your supplier, and you pay us back in 60, 90 or 120 days. This allows you to bridge the liquidity bottlenecks between purchase of inventory and payment by your end customer.

How does quickpaid work?

Register your company in the quickpaid portal, complete the KYC and apply for a quickpaid limit. Within the approved limit, you can immediately upload the supplier invoice and choose when you want to back us back, 60, 90 or 120 days.

We contact your supplier and offer immediate payment of the invoice(s). In case your supplier gives you an early-payment discount (Skonto), the discount will be fully passed on to you.

How do I get a quickpaid limit?

When establishing your quickpaid account, you’re required to enter your company key data and complete a straightforward KYC form for our assessment. This process is entirely free of charge and comes with no obligations. 

We determine your quickpaid limit based on several factors including credit assessment, financial evaluation, etc. on your business. 

How do I create an account?

Creating an account only takes a few minutes and can be done online at any time. If you need assistance, please contact us at mail@quickpaid.com.