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Pay later for suppliers

General Questions

What is Pay later with quickpaid?

Pay later is our Buy-now-pay-later solution for B2B invoices. With our BNPL solution, you can offer your business customers the flexibility to prolong the payment terms up to 4 months, while you get paid right away. Never miss a sales opportunity again.

How does Pay later benefit my company?

With Pay later you can offer flexible payment options to your business customers, lowering the barrier to larger purchase and in turn, boosting your sales. Furthermore, with quickpaid Sales financing you can attracts new buyers, increased customer loyalty and retention.   

You get the full amount of the transaction right away, improving your cashflow and reducing your credit risk.   

How does my customers access the flexibility payment terms with Pay later?

We tailor this solution based on your customer journey and point of sale. There are multiple options which our Enterprise clients use, like pre-checks regarding the limit, instant credit checks and limit providing or issuance of invoice. The Pay later solution depends on your needs. Please reach out so that we can understand your journey and process and embed the “pay later” financing option.

How do I get started with Pay later?

No checkout or complex integrations needed. Contact our team and we get you started. Click here to book a call appointment.


Are there any costs associated with offering Pay later to my Business customers?

Offering Pay later is completely free of charge for the Enterprise (supplier). We will charge a transparent financing fee to your customer (buyer) 

Can I (as a supplier) bear costs for providing BNPL limits to my Business customers?

Yes, absolutely. Some of our clients offer extended payment terms to their customers and absorb the quickpaid costs themselves.

How is the fee calculated?

The financing fee is calculated simply and transparently and varying based on the chosen payment term extension60, 90, or 120 days.  


Which currency invoices do you accept?

We finance EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, NOK and CHF. We are continuously adding new currencies, so please get in touch if your invoice currency is not covered in this list. 

How quickly will I receive payment once my customer chooses the flexible payment option?

Payment will be made to you instantly, securing your cash flow without any interruptions. 

What if my customer is late with the payment to quickpaid?

quickpaid handles the risk associated with customer payments. If a customer misses a payment, we manage the collection process, ensuring you can focus on sales instead of chasing after payments. 

What about the credit risk?

You get the full amount of the transaction right away, whether the customer successfully pays or not. quickpaid takes on the full credit risk.  

How quickly can I get started?

Get started right away, contact our team 

Mail: sales@quickpaid.com  

Or call us at: 0611-97710154  

How secure is my data?

All data is treated confidentially and is subject to the applicable data protection regulations, which you can view here. All data exchange is SSL-encrypted.

Purchase financing for buyers

General Questions

What is quickpaid?

quickpaid is a purchase financing solution. With quickpaid, you don’t need to worry about cash flow constraints due to purchasing of new goods or services.

Use quickpaid on your terms – whenever you need financing. We pay your supplier, and you pay us back in 60, 90 or 120 days. This allows you to bridge the liquidity bottlenecks between purchase of inventory and payment by your end customer.

How does quickpaid work?

Register your company in the quickpaid portal, complete the KYC and apply for a quickpaid limit. Within the approved limit, you can immediately upload the supplier invoice and choose when you want to back us back, 60, 90 or 120 days.

We contact your supplier and offer immediate payment of the invoice(s). In case your supplier gives you an early-payment discount (Skonto), the discount will be fully passed on to you.

Any cash discount associated with an early payment benefits you, lowering both your purchasing and financing costs. If you still have available credit limit, you can easily and flexibly upload more supplier invoices as needed.

Which invoices can I finance through quickpaid?

With quickpaid, you can finance all supplier invoices (B2B) for goods and completed services that your company purchases as part of your business operations.

Please be aware that there must be at least 8 days left before the due date of the invoice when you upload the invoice. If the payment term of the invoice is “payable immediately”, the invoice can be uploaded up to 7 days after invoicing.

Which invoices can I not finance through quickpaid?

The following invoices cannot be financed with quickpaid:  

  • Invoices to affiliated companies. 
  • Invoices that are already overdue or have been assigned to a third party (factoring). 
  • Invoices where the chosen repayment period from invoicing date exceeds 150 days. 
  • Advance payment invoices, instalment payments, proforma invoices, commission, or brokerage invoices. 
  • Invoices for the delivery of weapons, drugs, ammunition, animals, or other goods that require ownership documents This also applies to all goods that are subject to embargoes or other sanctions under the Foreign Trade and Payments Act. 

Please see further conditions and requirements in the General quickpaid Terms and Conditions (Link)  

Do you accept pro-forma invoices?

You cannot finance pro-forma invoices with quickpaid 

How do I get a quickpaid limit?

When establishing your quickpaid account, you’re required to enter your company key data and complete a straightforward KYC form for our assessment. This process is entirely free of charge and comes with no obligations. 

We determine your quickpaid limit based on several factors including credit assessment, financial evaluation, etc. on your business. 

What are the advantages of quickpaid?

With quickpaid you can free up capital bound in inventory purchases, maintaining your growth momentum without waiting for the sales revenue to acquire more goods.

Any cash discount associated with an early payment benefits you, lowering both your purchasing and financing costs.

There’s no simpler way to prevent cash flow shortages.

Can I change payment terms?

Once you have selected the extended payment terms, it is not possible to alter the payment terms later on. However, for every new invoice, you have the flexibility to individually choose the payment term that best fits your needs. 

How will my supplier be notified that I use quickpaid?

Your supplier will be informed by us via e-mail that payment of his invoice is to be taken over immediately by quickpaid. 

You are always welcome to contact your suppliers yourself and notify them about the payment service provided by quickpaid – which supplier is not happy about quick payment? 

Why must the supplier be contacted?

For the submitted invoice to be processed and paid to the supplier, the supplier needs to consent to the sale of their claim. A document will be sent to the supplier via email, requiring a signature from an authorized representative. This consent serves as a legal requirement for the invoice purchase to be completed by quickpaid. 

What is a declaration of assignment?

The consent to immediate payment is called declaration of assignment, which is a contract allowing the supplier to transfer their claim to a third party. 

You are welcome to download an example of the declaration of assignment if you want to share it with your supplier in advance.   

Where can my supplier be located?

Your supplier can be located in any country across the globe. We don’t work with countries that are part of the sanction lists of Great Britain, Switzerland, EU, UN and OFAC. 

What regions do you cover with quickpaid?

At the moment we offer quickpaid products across Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom. We are continuously adding new countries across Europe, so please get in touch with us if you are within Europe but not part of above countries. 

What risk will be covered by quickpaid for me?

With quickpaid purchase financing, you can bridge large liquidity gaps, for example due to long payment terms. Quickpaid is also a flexible financing option for seasonal business (volatile cash flows). With quickpaid, we close the financing gap between incoming payments from our own customers and pre-financing payments to suppliers. 

Payment & Pricing

When does quickpaid pay my invoice?

quickpaid pays your supplier invoice immediately (on the same working day) after the supplier has signed the declaration of assignment.

When is my repayment due?

You can choose whether your payment term is extended by an additional 60, 90 or 120 days, up to a maximum total term of 150 days from the invoicing date.

If you choose 120-days, you will pay back us back in 3 instalments – 30% after 60 days, 30% after 90 days and the remaining 40% after 120 days.

Ideally, you only pay for your goods when you have the money from your customers on your account. In this way, the liquidity gap between payment by the end customer and payment for the goods or services can be optimally closed.

What does quickpaid cost?

Creating an account and accessing a quickpaid credit limit is completely free of charge. We only charge a transparent financing fee for utilized limit amount, shown immediately in the portal upon selecting your repayment period.

Does it cost anything to create an account?

Creating an account and accessing a quickpaid credit limit is completely free of charge.

How is my fee calculated?

The quickpaid fee is calculated simply and transparently and varying based on the chosen payment term extension—60, 90, or 120 days.

Who is entitled to cash discounts generated by quickpaid?

If the invoice includes cash discount terms, it works to your advantage by reducing both your purchasing and financing costs. Seize this opportunity to enhance your cash discount potential – there’s no more cost-effective form of financing available.

Is there any minimum fee?

Yes, there is a minimum fee of € 25.00 for each supplier invoice under € 800.00, designed to cover the basic costs of processing and managing the transaction.


How do I create an account?

Creating an account only takes a few minutes and can be done online at any time. If you need assistance, please contact us at mail@quickpaid.com.

What kind of information do I need to share?

When establishing your quickpaid account, you’re required to share your company financials and to complete a straightforward KYC form for our assessment.

What kind of companies can use quickpaid?

quickpaid is a convenient Buy-Now-Pay-Later service for supplier invoices (B2B) and can be used by businesses, sole trader and freelancers.

How quickly can I get started?

Finalize your account today to get started within the next 24 hours.

Our team is here to assist you, please contact us at mail@quickpaid.com or call us at 0611-97710154

Is the digital bank account check mandatory?

It is mandatory for higher limit sizes. Please contact us if you have specific queries.

Which name needs to be used for the registration?

Please use your exact legal entity name as per latest official records.

How is the data from the account checks stored?

We use certified service providers who take care of the information security. Please contact Tink/Kreditz for more information.

How secure is my data?
  • All data is treated confidentially and is subject to the applicable data protection regulations, which you can view here. All data exchange is SSL-encrypted 
  • GDPR? When do we share data: Quickpaid only shares data with the insurance company and other service providers as part of our credit decision process, but only after you give us permission to do so.